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2009/2010 Newsletters: September - October - November

Our 2009-2010 Board

Carrie Langille, President & Membership

Pam Stacy, 2nd Vice

Fawn Miller, Treasurer

Jennifer Howell, Secretary & Teacher Rep

Debbie Reddy, Secretary & Teach Rep

Shannon Waszak, Hospitality

Lisa Grogan, RIF

Heather Grubb, T-Shirt Sales

Betty Hatfield, Farm Fresh Receipts

Angel Hester, Reflections

Denise Parks, Box Tops Coordinator

Anita Owens, Principal

Elizabeth Franks, Assistant Principal

Please sign up and get involved in school/PTA activities.

Calendar of Events
9/21 - Back to School Night

10/1 - 10/15 - Classic Cookie Fundraiser

10/5 - PTA Board Meeting

10/20 - Reflections Student Entries Due

10/21 - Cookie Delivery/Parent Pick-Up

10/29 - Story/Character Night

11/2 - PTA Board Meeting

11/26 - 12/6 - T-Shirt Sales

12/7 - PTA Board Meeting

12/9-12/11 - Holiday Gift Shop

12/12 - Breakfast with Santa

12/21 - Holiday Program/General PTA Meeting

12/23-1/4 - Winter Break

1/15 - Father/Daughter Banquet

2/8 - Board Meeting

2/12 - Friendship Dance

3/18 - Mother/Son Banquet

4/12 - PTA Board Meeting

5/3 - PTA Board Meeting

5/6 - Math/Vocabulary Terms/Spelling Fundraiser

This year we are doing a school-wide classroom collection competition. Each month, every classroom reports the number of Box Tops collected, and the first-place classroom will be announced over the PA. This builds enthusiasm and keeps the contest on the students' minds. The classroom turning in the most Box Tops for an eight-week contest will win a PTA-sponsored gift/reward.

Collection sheets will continue to be distributed as an easy and fun way for children to participate. We gladly accept box tops in ziploc baggies as well. Please mark the collected box tops with your child's name and classroom.