John’s AR Report - Step by Step


These instructions are for running a class AR report showing individual student points, reading levels, and percentages, as well as totals for the entire class. Let me know if you have problems.

1. Turn on the darned computer!

2. Start Accelerated Reader Management

3. When the Welcome screen comes up, click the mouse, then type in the password.

4. Click the Classroom button.

5. Select your class by clicking on it. Click on OK.

6. Click the Reports button.

7. Click Diagnostic &emdash; Reading Practice..


8. If you want to print a report for the whole year, just click on Print, and then make the usual printing choices.

9. If you want a report for a certain date range, say for the month of December, click the Date button.

10. Click on Custom Date Range.

11. Type in the range you want, then click Next, and continue until you’ve printed your report.

12. Tell John what a nice job he did on these instructions. You can also say thanks by printing them somewhere other than in the library. Enjoy!